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2012 Hercules with only 1,959 hours- equipped with Tier 4i Engine, Air Conditioning and Remote Control- Selling for as low as $2,833 per month on a 5 year lease.

2013 Hercules with only 759 hours- equipped with a Ballast Package (increasing the capacity)- Selling for as low as $2,999 per month on a 5 year lease.

When you are looking for a used Trackmobile railcar mover, we have many options available to suit your needs. We know that this is an important task and not a decision you can take lightly but not everyone can afford to buy one new. Trackmobiles are built to last so used equipment is often still in very good shape and can be used again and again and even repurchased or rented to those who need it.

This is why we offer affordable options when looking for a used Trackmobile. If you’d like to discuss the models we have available and the pricing, contact us today. Many choices are available on used and refurbished Trackmobiles.

As a trusted full-service Trackmobile dealer, Yale Chase also supplies customers with Quality Used Equipment sales for construction, mining, material handling, industrial, and railroad work from several locations. If you are in need of a good used Trackmobile, you will find it for sale within our extensive selection.

*We also buy used Trackmobiles*

Trackmobile Technology

One thing that makes the Trackmobile name so great is the technology that goes into this equipment. There’s a reason Trackmobile is considered the leader in the industry. They set the standard for everyone else to follow. We want to help you choose the right used Trackmobile for your needs. If you have questions, call us today.

Why is Trackmobile the best? One reason is the unprecedented technology that you will find in this brand.

Here is some of the technology that you will find in Trackmobile equipment:


Trackmobile began as an in-plant project at Whiting Corporation, Harvey, Illinois in 1947. Over the years since it was founded, there have been many changes but Trackmobile remains on the cutting edge of technology, delivering the best in railcar movers.

Because your business is most important to us, we also protect your company and our Technicians with $10,000,000 of insurance coverage.

We also offer several warranty options for you to consider:H&E Equipment Services offers a variety of used equipment warranties to protect your investment.

For “Job Ready” Used Equipment Units or inventory sourced from the Yale Chase Equipment and Services Inc. Rental Fleet – a 180-Day Power Train Warranty comes standard.

For “Quality Used” Equipment Units – a 90 Day Power Train Warranty comes standard.

30 to 90 day complete protection, beyond the 90-Day Quality Used or 180-Day Job Ready Programs, may be available on the Trackmobile of your choice.

For more information about our used equipment or warranty options, please call us toll free at 562-656-6646 or Contact us here

Used Trackmobile Saves You Money

Used Trackmobile railcar movers will save you money while getting the job done right from the start. We have short and long term leasing and rental options, reconditioned and rebuilt Trackmobiles with warranties and in-house repairs and rebuilding.

We can offer OEM replacement parts for your existing Trackmobile or one that you purchase from us. We also have financing available. Trackmobile railcar movers are more affordable than switching locomotives. Buying used can save you even more. We also have rentals, parts and service so give us a call today.

Learn more about our Used and Refurbished Trackmobiles today!

Used Trackmobile

2012 Hercules with only 1,959 hours- equipped with Tier 4i Engine, Air Conditioning and Remote Control- Selling for as low as $2,833 per month on a 5 year lease.

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